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Sarit Cantor

A Cloth Called Witness Zine

A Cloth Called Witness Zine

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A Cloth Called Witness is an inter-species collaboration that began at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. Textile artist Sarit Cantor used the process of natural dyeing with plants gathered from along the shores of the Cobechenonk (the body of water known by settlers as the Humber River) to create a hand-sewn patchwork quilt that took the shape of this river. This patchwork is a collaboration between plants, waters , organizers in Tkoronto, CA and ancestors. The zine is informed by Talmud study and speaks to what it means to care for one another, to witness death, birth, transformation, change and what it means to be adaptable in times of rupture. This work is a bow to that knowledge.

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