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Rena Yehuda Newman

142 Jewish Writing Prompts

142 Jewish Writing Prompts

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This zine contains a fabulous list of 142 Jewish Writing Prompts (Plus 78 Bonus Prompts)! Created by Editor in Chief of New Voices Magazine Rena Yehuda Newman as a resource for their own writers workshops and classes, this long list of Jewish creative freewriting prompts is now available to the world. Highly recommended for Jewish Educators looking to help guide students to deeper understandings of their own Judaism, this zine is packed with new ways to explore what it means to be Jewish.

These prompts touch on topics from embodiment to family, shabbat to diaspora, spirituality to sexuality, memory to ancestry, and so much more. There's a small index in the back with different groups of prompts, too. There are so many ways to use this zine, but it all starts with picking up a pen and selecting a prompt.

Sample prompts:

"One shabbat, I…"

"I wonder if my ancestors..."

If you buy this digital zine for $5 or a donation of your choice, you'll get a total of 220 writing prompts in the form of a scanned desktop-view PDF, a print-ready booklet version for duplex printers, and a clean no-frills PDF of the prompt list for use in your notebook or for your classroom!

Writing prompts are a meaningful way to explore a Jewish identity. We each have our own Torah to reveal and our writing is part of the revelation.

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