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Rena Yehuda Newman

The Testosterone Survey

The Testosterone Survey

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The Testosterone Survey Zine is a 60-page community health art project compiling the results of a nearly-400 person survey documenting the experiences of people medically transitioning on testosterone. The only resource of its kind, this zine features analysis and trans-joy illustrations by Rena Yehuda Newman, illuminating the qualitative data of hundreds of transmasculine people.

This zine is a public health art project designed to empower people transitioning on testosterone with knowledge, help us ask vital questions about our bodies and needs, and hopefully, make us all feel a little less alone. This zine was also designed for doctors, educators, therapists, and all those who care for transgender people to learn more about our experiences, struggles, and needs as they relate to medical transition using testosterone.

This zine is always free or donation for download. Creating it was a labor of love; the information belongs to the community.

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