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Chelsea Taxman

Chodesh Essence Blends: Intentions for each Hebrew Month

Chodesh Essence Blends: Intentions for each Hebrew Month

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Blends are crafted with bioregional flowers, herbs, stones, environmental essences and spring water with a small amount of brandy to preserve them.

directions/suggestions: roll closed bottle to activate & exhale. take 1-7 drops internally, on the wrist, or place drops into a bowl of water on an altar or windowsill. experience the essence daily throughout the hebrew month. use companion zine for more suggestions or create your own ritual to explore the cycles of the calendar.

nisan essence blend: sprout into liberated living with dynamic physical energy, inner ease with work & play, and hope {ingredients}: spring water, dandelion flower essence, welsh poppy flower essence, chamomile infused brandy, & taleh/aries essence

iyar essence blend: honor and strengthen a healthy ego! this blend is a helpful companion while counting the omer {ingredients}: spring water, milkweed flower essence, ground ivy and cardamom infused brandy, & shor/taurus essence

sivan essence blend: a blend to reinvigorate the will to live, commitment to life & joy & text study, despite trials and pains. {ingredients}: spring water, wild dog rose essence, rose quartz gem essence, rose petal brandy, & teomim/gemini essence

tammuz essence blend: a supportive pairing to bring back perceptive mindfulness & work as an inner calling fueled with pleasure.{ingredients}: spring water, fresh milky oat, forget-me-not flower essence, brandy, & sartan/cancer essence

av essence blend: bittersweet sunshine in a bottle. explore the complex feelings of love and grief in the heat of the summer’s abundance. {ingredients}: spring water, elderberry, rose, tulsi essences, brandy, & aryeh/leo essence

elul essence blend: a blend to help honor radical change and release the things that no  longer serve you {ingredients}: spring water, full moon, marigold flower essence, calendula infused brandy, & betulah/virgo essence

tishrei essence blend: fill your month with sweetness, inspiration, replenishment & high holiday prayer {ingredients}: spring water, strawflower flower essence, anise hyssop infused brandy & moznayim/libra essence

cheshvan essence blend: a heart-centered immunity blend to illuminate the divine light within, cultivating our personal fire to carry into dark times {ingredients}: spring water, reishi mushroom, witch hazel flower essence, brandy, & akrav/scorpio essence

kislev essence blend: a blend to ease, with resilience, into your dreams, both waking and sleeping, and to witness miracles all around you. {ingredients}: spring water, garlic and mugwort flower essences, ginger, honey, brandy, & keshet/sagittarius essence

teyvet essence blend: during darker cycles in our lives, we need a gentle reminder to reach out with positive vulnerability & awakened consciousness {ingredients}: spring water, black eyed susan & poison oak flower essences, blackberry infused  brandy, honey & gedi/capricorn essence

shevat essence blend: feel the sap rise again! a blend for stepping into creative artistry, and making connections with neighbors. {ingredients}: spring water, maple syrup,violet & mallow flower essences, hawthorn berry infused brandy, & d’li/aquarius essence

adar essence blend: awaken your inner responsibility and intuition for personal touch, self-care, and joy! {ingredients}: spring water, prunella & borage flower essence, moonstone gem essences, hibiscus brandy, & daggim/pisces essence


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