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Micah Bizant

People’s Bubbie” Yartzeit Candle

People’s Bubbie” Yartzeit Candle

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New “People’s Bubbie” stickers for sale! [insert link or link in bio] Honor our beloved Shatzi & reignite our commitment to Free Palest1ne. Stickers fit on a small candle jar to make your own memorial candle for Yom Kippur & beyond.

What’s a yahrzeit candle?

“Yartzeit” means anniversary is yiddish. A yahrzeit candle burns for 24 hours, and is lit on the death-aversary of a loved one. This ancient Jewish practice is a way of marking, celebrating, grieving and communicating with our beloved dead. Yahrtzeit candles are also lit on remembrance holidays, such as before fasting on Yom Kippur, on the last days of Passover and Sukkot, and on Shavuot. 

Why this project?

It is hard to access yahrzeit candles that honor our dead in meaningful ways, as many candles display images of the Israeli nation-state or branded logos that don’t hold signficance. This adhesive art piece offers an affordable and accessible way for queer, trans, Jews and Jews who support a free Palest1ne to uplift our beloved dead in a way that resonates for us, with an image of beloved movement ancestor Shatzi Weisberger, the People’s Bubbe, z’l//may her memory be for a revolution. Her image and words remind us that we cant have queer liberation without Palest1n1an liberation, and the struggle against genocide is a holy struggle.

How does this work? 

Add the stickers to any candle that burns 24+ hours and make your own diy yahrzeit candle. Stickers are 3x3.5” to fit on votive candle jars or mason jars.

Created by @micahbazant w @pushcartjudaica @jvpny @elizatheunicorn. Credit & love to @jrezzle Jordan Reznick for this brilliant idea <3

ID: “I’ll fight like hell for a free Palest1ne until the day I die. Then I’ll keep fighting. Your queer ancestor is with you.” –Shatzi Weisberger z”l. Drawing of Shatzi, an old white jewish woman with short hair and a wise, kind smile, wearing a keffiyeh.

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