July 16: Philly

July 16: Philly

Next stop, one of the biggest shtetl - mellah//lil Jewish communities on the east coast--WEST PHILLY!!

We will be guests at the amazing black owned community created space @pentridgestation. Pentridge was not always the outdoor oasis that you see today. Before 2017, people used the previously overgrown lot as a place to dump trash. As West Philly natives, we had our own vision for the space. We saw the potential for a collaborative venue, a community hub, and a beer garden where our friends and neighbors could gather and share their creative endeavors. If we wanted to achieve our goal, we needed to perform a major transformation of the lot." Learn more at pentridgestation.com

For our Philly poster, we connected with something that Lower East Side pushcart peddlers and Philly street vendors have in common--pretzels! "Philadelphia soft pretzels are distinguished from all others by their shape (a figure-8, not loopy with a thick center and thinner ends), their texture (chewy, not crunchy), and their distribution method (look for them on street corners, not supermarkets)." As with LES pretzels popularized by Jewish immigrants from Germany, ''[Philly's] Soft pretzels are a legacy of the region’s Pennsylvania Dutch who emigrated in the 1700s in search of religious freedom and fertile soil."(philadelphiaencyclopedia.org)

Poster by Ro Adler spiralq.org


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