Pillar of Fire Hagaddah

The ceremony of Passover asks us, What is our freedom story? What does safety feel like? What does divine resource look like? How do we reach for liberation?

In 5784, Pesach asks these questions to us in new ways as a war continues to rage in our name. Making Mensches and Pushcart Judaica are collaborating to create an art forward Haggadah that guides us through the sacred Order//Seder of questions as Jews, as queers, and as anti-zionists fighting for a free Palestine. We long for a Haggadah that not only reflects our politics but is also queer, creative, and meant for these times. 

Will you join us by offering a piece of art? A poem? A quandary? Channel your grief, your rage, your hopes for a world where Palestine, and all oppressed peoples and places, are liberated. Submissions are due by March 5th.

Reach out with any questions. We can’t wait to see what we can all create together!