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Sol Weiss

Celestial Omer Counter & Ritual Guide

Celestial Omer Counter & Ritual Guide

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A Pushcart production: background by Liel Green, writing and illustration by Sol Weiss, editing and vision from Ollie Schwartz

Inspired by stars and planets, the Omer Counter is a layered collage print of the 49 days in a spiral represented by different combinations of patterns. It comes with a matching magnet to keep the counter on your fridge or altar space and track each day. It is circular and 8” diameter thick card stock for years of omer counting use ;)

The Omer Counter comes with a ritual guide including a basic intro to:

* Counting the Omer 101

* understanding the connections between Sefirat haOmer and the Tree of Life

* a liturgical companion for counting 

* Reflection questions for your own practice

We aren’t experts but are big believers in DIY Judaism. We hope this omer counter and accompanying ritual guide can be sweet and worthy companions for you and that they support you in this ancient mystical practice.

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