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Pillar of Fire: A Queer Anti-Zionist Haggadah

Pillar of Fire: A Queer Anti-Zionist Haggadah

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**This year, the haggadah is only available as a digital download, we hope to go to print for next Passover! **

This hagaddah includes art and poetry from over 50 queer, trans, JOCISM Jews reckoning with what it means to honor passover after Oct 7th 2024. This gorgeous art forward collection of anti-zionist work exists to guide you through your passover seders - this year & beyond.

Inside this full color 100+ page digital download are all 15 steps of a US–based passover seder, as well as pre-passover rituals, Nizkor prayers, and Omer Counting. The 15 steps of the seder vary in length. This haggadah is designed to be used as the central haggadah at your seder table, or to be picked up on a whim during the seder to find that perfect spontaneous piece that is just right for the moment.

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