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Simon Wolff



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the first of a series of prints creating and celebrating the seven sacred foods or "Seven Species" (shivat haminim) of Judaism. These are pomegranate (rimon), olive (zayit), fig (te’enah), barley (se’orah), wheat (hitah), dates (tamar), and grapes (gefen). According to the Kabbalists, each corresponds to one of the seven sefirot (Divine attributes), which also exist in us:

Wheat: Chesed — Kindness/Love
Barley: Gevurah — Strength/Resilience
Grapes: Tiferet — Harmony/Beauty
Figs: Netzach — Steadfastness
Pomegranates: Hod — Humility/Willingness
Olives: Yesod — Foundation/Grounding
Dates: Malchut — Divine Reflection

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