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Shaddai Elementals

Shadai Elements Vegan Tefillin

Shadai Elements Vegan Tefillin

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Each tefillin set is crafted by hand with kavanah and 100% sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free materials.

  • Tefillin Retzuos (Straps):

    • Made from certified sustainable, 100% plant-based vegan leather.

    • Third-party tested free of any pesticides, carcinogenic and allergenic compounds, formaldehyde, phthalates and chlorophenols and are plastic and petroleum-free.

    • Straps are tied with traditional dalet and yud knotting.

  • Tefillin Batim (Boxes):

    • In accordance with tradition and rabbinic law, the Shema and other Torah passages are housed within.

    • Tefillin boxes are crafted from ornate wood by hand.

    • Tefillin shel rosh features the traditional 4-armed shin and three-armed shin.

  • Vegan Klaf (parchment):

    • In accordance with tradition and rabbinic law, the Shema and other Torah passages are housed within batim on hand-beaten sustainable paper klaf harvested from renewable Lokta bush (harvested above the root to allow regeneration each year).

  • Ritual, Kavanah, Tzedakah:

    • While sacred letters are burned into the inner side of the wood of KAVAKNOT tefillin boxes, and while the Klaf is placed within, our studied artisan blesses the tefillin with the recipient’s specified intentions and Hebrew name, the 72 holy names and tefilot.

    • Reviving ritual from the Jewish archaic, KAVAKNOT tefillin straps are buried after a three-day fast and then unearthed amidst recitation of Bereshit and Tefilah, then symbolically passed hand to hand, dor le dor, to a Jew from a younger generation.

10% of each sale is committed to Tzedaka and passed to the charity or individual of the tefillin recipient’s choosing.

Purchase includes free vegan tefillin bag.

Jews used to lead the world with our compassionate treatment of animals, but in modern times we've become just as addicted to factory farming and just as complacent to it's cruelty and pollution. When doing the right thing is hard, we have the ritual of tefillin to re-align our hearts and our minds, our values and actions, and our daily habits with their global impact. So what better way to reignite our commitment to respecting the souls of all animals and Tikkun Olam than with cruelty-free, sustainable, vegan tefillin? 

Shaddai Elementals is a Jewish artisan collective creating vegan tefillin and sustainable, cruelty-free Judaica for the world to come. 

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