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Rena Yehuda Newman

Up All Night: A Shavuot Zine

Up All Night: A Shavuot Zine

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Staying up all night to learn Torah for Shavuot is an old tradition – so why not print out a zine to enhance your at-home, quarantined learning experience?

Inspired by the “Shavuot Unbound” zine they created last year for their joint fellowship between the Judaism Unbound podcast and New Voices Magazine, Rena Yehuda Newman has put together this resource zine for all sorts of Jews hoping to celebrate Shavuot and observe the holiday by being up all night learning! Designed to be used as a source sheet, this comic-illustrated zine is meant to be an easy-to-print addition to your Shavuot evening. Whether you’re a regular chacham learning daf yomi or this is the first time you’ve wanted to learn some Torah, this zine is meant for you! With notes about how to get started and various prompt questions throughout, “Up All Night” is an accessible Shavuot resource for you and whoever else you’re celebrating with.

This Shavuot Zine has three sections: (1) Framing Shavuot: Enjoy the Wedding (2) Revealing Revelation and (3) A Case Study from Sinai: Jealousy and the Ten Commandments. The whole zine is 20 pages of content, 5 sheets to print as a double-sided booklet.

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