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Linke Fligl

Ushpi(zine) Sukkot Zine & Ritual Guide

Ushpi(zine) Sukkot Zine & Ritual Guide

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This compilation features work from an incredible group of more than 20 writers, artists and ritualists.  

In these pages, you are invited to find words that move you and stories that see you. Find guidance for bringing the kavanah (intention) and kedusha (holiness) of this holiday into your practice through poems, liturgies, prayers, self guided rituals, art and writings that wrestle with ideas of sukkot, home, land, people, belonging and this political moment. Celebrate Sukkot on the land where you live. Build a kleyneh (tiny) sukkaleh. Write your love letter to the queer Jewish diaspora. Learn Birkas Kohanim (the Priestly Blessing). Find belonging in the searching & find prayer in the silence. Learn more at

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